Welcome to Native to Twilight

Welcome to the online store of Native to Twilight. We are a shop located on the main street in Forks, WA. All items purchased on this site are shipped directly from Forks. Deeply inspired by Stepanie Meyers book series we opened this store to offer all the Twilight fans out there the possibility of showing their connection to our home town. If you loved the romance, mystery, and Native American culture of Forks and La Push as described in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn you cannot miss a visit to our shop (either virtual or in Forks).

Besides stylish and well-made themed clothing we pride ourselves in carrying handmade and local items to support and represent the talented First Nations Artists of our area.

Every craft is authentic. Our gallery collection includes hand-carved cedar canoe paddles by McCarty (Makah Tribe), bent wood cedar boxes by master carver Smith (Quileute and Makah), traditional grass and cedar baskets by Morganroth (Quileute), woven/beaded barettes by Leitka (Hoh River Tribe), native screenprint designs by Greene (Makah Tribe), and spectacular cedar masks by Taylor (Tulalip) and Cox (Makah Tribe) .